CiCi Phone Card: Users' Reviews

Excellent! - Great calling card
Reviewer: Patel who calls Iran, USA
Works as expected. Good, reliable connection. No tricks with fees. Rates could be cheaper, but very good for such a great service.

Excellent! - Excellent, no surcharges
Reviewer: Satisfied with CiCi who calls Canada, USA
I've been using CiCi (EZCall) for about 7 years. You can setup on line and add money online. Money never expires and there are no monthly fees to erode your balance. Call quality is great. They offer local access numbers and 1-800 access. Someone mentioned wanting to keep their PIN number, just set up account on line, you keep your PIN instead of buying a new card in a store.

Excellent! - Reliable Card
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada and United States
This card has been very reliable. The phone number is always accessible and connections to destination 98% successful. Best card I have used so far.

Excellent! - Avid User
Reviewer: Alicia who calls France, Africa
One of the very best cards on the market. I refuse to use others considering the value you receive for the money spent. It is far less expensive than using any of the telephone providers in certain destinations. I highly recommend this card to friends and anyone who asks which card I use.

Reviewer: Joan who calls Malawi
We have used this card for some years now to phone Malawi and we recommend it to our friends. It is the cheapest phone card we have found yet for phoning Malawi. We also like the fact there are no hidden charges, that time used is what is charged up front.

Excellent! - Great quality
Reviewer: M who calls Singapore
Great connection quality to cell phones in Singapore from my cell phone in the Greater Toronto Area. Card numbers are programmed into my phone, so it's easy to use. Haven't had a problem with connecting yet, and haven't been disconnected either.

Excellent! - Very happy with CiCi
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada/U.S.
Our son told us about it, and we have told other family and friends about it. Thank you.

Reviewer: Jackie N who calls Trinidad
I have used Cici for the past month with absolutely no difficulties. My service provider Telus recognizes the local access number. Previously I was being double-billed using Just Dial. Thanks Cici. Excellent product

Good! - CiCi is excellent!
Reviewer: zahida who calls India and Gulf
It is excellent. The only problem is that if the other party is not picking up the phone it still charges and also the charges for gulf are very high.

Excellent! - The Best!
Reviewer: JK who calls Korea
High quality and affordable price! Never disconnected!

Good! - Good, but a little bit expensive.
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Iran
Good, but a little bit expensive.

Excellent! - CiCi - transparent and excellent
Reviewer: Shriram who calls India
The minutes available exactly match what was advertised. This is unbelievable for any prepaid card. They are not costly. But, not very cheap like its competitors who can charge up to 1 CAD for 1 minute after 10 continuous minutes. Excellent!

Excellent! - All the actual minutes!
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls South Africa

Excellent! - CiCi is the best calling cart ever
Reviewer: juan who calls dominican republic
my name is juan i would like to thanksto your guys for the cic the best calling cart ever i love it take care Juan

Not bad! - Works great on local numbers, not so on international ones, I guess.
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada, Indonesia
Locally it works great. Never have problem. But the past 1 year, to m knowledge, it often fails to connect me to international destinations. After it says I have so and so minutes for that call, it just goes silent. no dial tone or anything.

Excellent! - No hidden fees - actual minutes every time
Reviewer: Johann who calls South Africa

Excellent! - Highly reccomend.
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada / USA
I have been using CiCi phones cards for a year and really like it. There is nothing bad about this card. Highly recommend.

Excellent! - Easy to use and reliable
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls USA and Canada
I have purchased several of these cards to give to my children they are easy to use and the price can't be beat. Will continue to purchase.

Good! - Great Card
Reviewer: Abbey O. who calls Nigeria
The best calling card I've ever used, the only problem is that the rate is a bit on the high side, if rate could be lowered, then would be best of all in Canada calling cards

Excellent! - I think this is a great card and i use it everyday.
Reviewer: Alex who calls canada
I think this is a great card and i use it everyday. Is it, or could it be possible to review all dialed numbers and call costs per call made? Please reply.

Excellent! - Good rate, True minutes
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls India

Excellent! - Great Deal!
Reviewer: Linda who calls within Canada
I love CiCi because it has the most reasonable long-distance rate I've ever come across. Cheaper to phone family!! Thanks!!

Excellent! - CiCi is perfect for India
Reviewer: Rajesh who calls India, India Mobile
CiCi was always the great card, but was a bit expensive for India. Now the rate is 5 c/min with no fees. This is the best. Great card, great connection and now - great rate.

Excellent! - No hidden charges!
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls India
This card is really fantastic and very reliable. It has no hidden charges and gives exact minutes. Cheaper than most of the calls to call India. I highly recommend this card.

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Ghana
I like this card because I can re-use it without any hidden fees. I however dislike the fact that it sometimes cut of in the middle the conversation.

Excellent! - Calling Australia mobile from Canada
Reviewer: j.c who calls Australia Mobile
The amount of time I paid for is exactly what I got. There was a good connection and the fact that I was calling a mobile phone did not eat up the time. If you are calling a mobile phone in another country make sure you pick the mobile option.

Excellent! - You cant go wrong with CiCi
Reviewer: Nahal who calls Iran and France
It is exactly like when you buy a stapler from dollar store or from a decent shop!!!! You pay less in dollar store but the quality is terrible and it does not last long whereas when you buy the stapler (CiCi Card) from a decent shop it will last you for a long time and the quality is awesome!!! I have been using CiCi Card for almost 6 years and never had problem with it... get the one with rebate that way you save some money too.

Excellent! - Good, very reliable
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Dhaka
I've been using CiCi's card for about 1 year, with no major problems. The price you pay is well worth it, you get exactly what it promises and there are no hidden fees.

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Ghana
This card is cool ,with me when i call long distance. I have been using CiCi since i moved to Canada from Ghana in 2007.

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Egypt
I am new in Canada, and i tried some calling cards. With CiCi, you just pay for your minutes with the announced rates with no hidden cost

Excellent! - great
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada
love cici, easy to use and you get what it says you get!

Good! - Good value
Reviewer: Andrea who calls Belgium, Canada
Good value but connection clarity varies.

Excellent! - Gives exact min for min at a great price.
Reviewer: Michele who calls Canada to U.S.A
I have made this my card of choice and look forward to being a long time customer. (Have increased my friends and phone time due to the great savings, which in turn has increased my purchases form this supplier...its a win, win situation.)

Bad! - poor connection
Reviewer: Vahid who calls Iran
Recently I've noticed that it is almost impossible to dial a number in Iran...Afew weeks ago I had no problem. but now I feel I have wasted my money...I wanna get a refund!
Support comments: Iran routing problem has been resolved.

Good! - Haven't noticed any problems yet.
Reviewer: Larisa who calls United States
I bought CiCi off of this website and it came within seconds (unlike registering for where it takes 4+ days to activate). The automated voice is very clear and very easy to use. The PIN may get annoying if you make multiple calls a day, but you would expect this of any phone card. Overall, it's very good.

Good! - I like the card but still think the cost per minute is a bit "steep"
Reviewer: Darlene who calls Aruba
Sometimes when I am on a call, a female voice interrupts and tells me to enter the number I wish to call and hit the "hash" button. When this happens I do not know what to do and my call has been disconnected. What is a "hash" button and why does this happen when I know I still have ample time left?

Excellent! - CiCi - Best phone card for Canada
Reviewer: Jack - Victoria, BC who calls Canada
Every year I drive from Victoria to Northern BC, and the Yukon and sometimes Alberta. I found CiCi is the only long distance travel/ phone card that works everywhere I go. It took me switching phone cards, then experiencing what bad service is all about to really appreciate how good CiCi actually is. With CiCi, there's no hidden surcharges; disconnected or staticky /digitized-out calls; no connection failures or operators saying to try again in half an hour on another phone. While I'm traveling? In the far north phones can be hundreds of miles apart! I'm an extremely harsh critic about most things, and even I must admit; CiCI Goldline is the best. Good work!

Good! - Good but pricy
Reviewer: Benjamin who calls India
I already said good sound and clear but pricy

Excellent! - you are the best
Reviewer: David W who calls USA
I'am 76 years old and I just love using your phone card you are by far the best and I'am very satisfied.

Good! - Not good for weekends
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Iran

Excellent! - Outstanding!
Reviewer: Thomas Doran who calls Colombia
Placing calls throughout Colombia, - land and mobile, without problem!! Highly Recommended!! - Ottawa, Canada

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls England
I would like it better if I could add funds to my card so I didn't have to have a new pin # each time. Otherwise it works very well.

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Russia - Moscow
A little more expensive than other cards, but connections are very good.

Excellent! - Great usage.
Reviewer: Christine who calls U.S.
Have 2 calling cards, and only this one worked when I used the 800 number to call from my cell phone during a recent trip to Minnesota. I was very pleased.

Excellent! - Great card for Moscow....
Reviewer: Dave who calls Russia
Best LD card I have used (and I have tried a tone of them). Clear lines, accurate billing (didn't think that was possible), and very competitive rate. Highest recommendation!!!!