CiCi Mobile app

CiCi Mobile is an innovative long distance calling App available for Android, iPhone and Blackberry smartphones. The CiCi Mobile App brings together quality and rates of CiCi with an easy-to-use application featuring:

  • NO Access Number to dial, NO PIN to enter
  • One step dial from your phone contact book.
  • Direct Dial, Call Back and Enhanced Call Back options.


Download your free app and receive a 60 minute free trial

  • Download and install your free "CiCiMobile" App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store:
  • Follow the steps to create your account (no payment required, you will receive $1.50 credit).
  • Start calling with CiCi Mobile using your free $1.50 trial.

Add more time on your app: buy CiCi Mobile Recharge Online

  • Order your recharge voucher here and get your PIN by email now:

 Card Value QTY  
CiCi Mobile Recharge phone card
$5.00 CAD
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$10.00 CiCi Mobile Recharge phone card
$10.00 CAD

  • Attention: be sure to install and test CiCi Mobile App before ordering your recharge voucher. No refunds.
  • Click "Card Authorisation Number" button in your CiCi Mobile App and enter your PIN (received by email).
  • Use your CiCi Mobile Application for long distance calls. Application will NOT use your mobile data. Application will use your normal local airtime (just like any local call).
  • For customer service please call 1-866-799-4545.


Order CiCi Mobile Recharge Online

Get Recharge Authorisation Number by email and recharge your CiCi Mobile account now.


CiCi Mobile Features

  • Direct Dial

    1-step calling: Make long distance calls in one step by simply selecting your destination number and initiating the call directly from your contact list.
  • Call Back

    Eliminate expensive outgoing minutes: If you have an unlimited incoming call plan, use "Call Back" to convert your outgoing calls into incoming calls.
  • Enchased Call Back

    Eliminate expensive roaming charges while traveling: Enter a local mobile or landline number of your choice in the "Call me back at" field and receive a "Call Back" at the selected local number. The call will then connect to your destination number thus avoiding roaming charges.
  • Third Party Connections

    Connect people together: CiCi Mobile users can establish a phone call connection between two people residing anywhere in the world without either party initiating or paying for the call.